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The shape and contour of your chin should ideally work in harmony with the rest of your facial features. Sometimes the chin may project too far out or not far enough. Other times it may appear too small or large in relation to the nose or forehead. Chin reshaping by Keystone OMS can help you to achieve better balance and symmetry to complement your appearance.

How Will Chin Reshaping Help Me Look My Best?

Chin reshaping can help you achieve a more pleasant aesthetic by adjusting the size and shape of your chin. Creating a fuller-looking chin through implants or by moving the chin bone can improve your facial proportions and make your chin more prominent. Alternately, reducing the size or projection of an overly prominent chin can shift the focus away from the lower third of your face. Chin reshaping can also add definition to your jawline or neck contour.

Keystone OMS will work with you to create the ideal chin shape for your overall facial structure so that your facial features work together harmoniously, and you feel more confident in your appearance. As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Clemenza has the dedicated understanding of facial anatomy required to encourage optimal results from chin reshaping surgery.

The Chin Reshaping Process

IV sedation will be administered to keep you safe and comfortable during surgery. A small incision is made in your mouth or under your chin to access the bone, tissue, and fat. Dr. Clemenza will carefully reshape your chin according to the treatment plan, including removing excess bone or inserting any implants. You will wear a support bandage for four to five days after surgery and be limited to eating soft foods. Changes will be noticeable once the initial swelling goes down, but it will take around six months for the results to take shape.

Why Choose Dr. Clemenza & Keystone OMS?

At Keystone OMS, we are pleased to be one of the leading maxillofacial surgery providers in our region. Our founding surgeon, Dr. Clemenza, is board-certified in oral and maxillofacial surgery, signifying the most rigorous level of training in facial anatomy and the highest standards of patient care. Dr. Clemenza and the Keystone OMS team have years of experience providing best-in-class care that helps patients achieve their cosmetic goals while promoting healthy outcomes, comfort, and safety.

Ask Us About Chin Reshaping Today

You do not have to settle for a chin shape that does not flatter your appearance. Learn more about how you may benefit from chin reshaping by contacting Keystone OMS’s Hermitage office online or at (724) 981-8884.

Real Patient Results

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