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Scarring can happen to any kind of skin for a number of reasons, from injuries to acne. While common and natural, many of these scars can give you a prematurely aged appearance you may not appreciate. Scar revision is a procedure offered by Keystone OMS to minimize the appearance of scars, helping you hold onto a youthful appearance for longer.

Your Scar Revision Options

The approach our oral and maxillofacial surgeon at Keystone OMS takes depends on the type of scars you wish to treat. Certain types of scars can be treated through our laser skin resurfacing procedure, giving you healthier-looking skin without the need for surgery or extensive downtime.

Other scars may require a more surgical approach. In these cases, the procedure will be provided with local anesthesia or IV sedation (again, depending on the nature of the scars being treated). Our maxillofacial surgeon will remove the old scar and reworking the wound to prevent new scarring as your skin heals. The sutures placed during the procedure are removed 5 to 7 days after surgery, and there will be redness and swelling after the procedure and suture removal as well.

In both treatment options, it is critically important that you do not expose the treated skin to the sun while you heal. Direct sun exposure can reduce the effectiveness of both surgical and laser scar revision. As part of the reduced downtime with laser skin resurfacing, the period of time needed to avoid sunlight is shorter than it would be under surgical care.

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Keystone OMS helps patients look young and refreshed through scar revision and other cosmetic procedures. Dr. Clemenza takes the time to understand your needs and develop a personalized treatment plan while making your comfort and safety a top priority. Contact our Hermitage office at (724) 981-8884 or online to schedule your consultation.

Real Patient Results

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