Medically Reviewed by John W. Clemenza, DMD, MD, FACS

December 28, 2023

Wrinkles are an inevitable part of the aging process. Sooner or later, we all start to notice lines, folds, and creases that detract from our youthful facial appearance. But while wrinkles are common, they do not have to be permanent. A routine skin treatment plan can help you reduce the signs of aging and maintain a youthful countenance. For optimal effects, we recommend incorporating BOTOX® into your regular treatment plan.

Why Include BOTOX® in Your Regular Treatment Plan?

BOTOX is one of the most popular and commonly used injectable medications in the world. It works as a neuromodulator, which means it relaxes some of your underlying facial muscles, including those that contribute to wrinkles. As these muscles contract, they provide a smoother appearance to your skin. Yet, while many patients are encouraged to try BOTOX, only a few develop the habit of getting routine injections.

The benefit of recurring injections is that it allows you to maintain your BOTOX results without interruption. Most patients find that their BOTOX results last for three to four months before they begin to fade. By coming in for maintenance injections every three to four months, you can sustain your beautiful, youthful appearance over a long period of time.

Be aware that while three to four months is the average duration for BOTOX results, some patients may find that their results last even longer. If this proves to be the case for you, you can enjoy even more flexibility in your BOTOX treatment plan.

Are There Additional Benefits to BOTOX®?

At Keystone OMS, we provide BOTOX only as a cosmetic treatment. Some patients do find that BOTOX has therapeutic effects for their migraines, reducing their frequency and severity. Others find BOTOX to be an effective treatment for excessive perspiration. As such, being on a regular BOTOX treatment plan may provide some patients with greater comfort, above and beyond the aesthetic benefits.

A regular BOTOX schedule also makes it easier to combine other med spa procedures into a regular treatment plan (such as injectable fillers), allowing you to benefit from several aesthetic improvements on a regular basis.

Learn More About the Benefits of Regular BOTOX®

At Keystone OMS, we are pleased to provide flexible, customizable treatment plans to help patients look and feel their best. As you consider the benefits of routine treatment, we invite you to learn more from our BOTOX page.

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